Embedded Design Engineer

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1) Design, Development, Testing, Validation and Debugging of circuits / embedded systems relating to Battery Management Systems and Chargers. This will involve software development implementation, validation / debugging of built circuits and documentation for certification and manufacturing.

2) Developing embedded software as per required functionalities

3) Following standards required for embedded software

4) Compliance of circuit design as per relevant standards

5) Debugging of software and updates for software / hardware.

6) Understanding of MCUs and peripherals


1) Past Experience in using embedded software

2) Knowledge of core electronics components

3) Understanding of communication interfaces – SPI / UART / I2C / CAN

4) Product design

5) Knowledge of analog / digital circuits

6) Understanding of communication protocols / interfaces

APPLY LINK -https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search/?currentJobId=3232139618&keywords=electronics&refresh=true

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